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I did not have such a good childhood and left school pretty early. Instead of staying at home with my family, I decided that I would move to London. I had saved up some money, but at 16 years old, I was still pretty naïve. Like so many other kids who left home around my age, I did not realise how expensive it would be to live in London. Not only did I have to pay rent, but I needed to feed myself as well. I did manage to find a little job, but the money was lousy and nothing like the money I earn ton day with cheap escorts in London.

After a couple of months, I ended up homeless and living on the street. When I stop and think about it, I was mad leaving home. But, I did not get on with my family at all, so I really did not have very much of a choice. When I left home, I did not have a clue about many things, and I had not even heard about London escorts. When I first heard about sexy cheap escorts in London, I got the wrong impression and managed to convince myself working for a London escorts service was not for me. That was until I met a girl who actually worked for cheap escorts service in London.

I used to go to this help center in central London. It was a place where you could get a hot meal, a shower, and fresh clothes. People used to drop off things like food and clothes. One of the girls who used to come in a lot was this really pretty girl. She as different from the rest and I felt comfortable around her. We started to chat, and eventually, she told mused to work for a London escorts service. I was a bit taken back, but she explained all about cheap escorts in London. She also told me she used to live on the streets.

Eventually, she persuaded me that London escorts were not such a bad idea. I was surprised by her kindness. She took me in and let me stay on her sofa, and if you like, cleaned me up. I realise now that we came from the same background. She did not see eye to eye with her family and felt that she had been given the push by her family. After many family disputes she had finally left home, and when she came to London, she had managed to get a job with a London escorts service. She
was an amazing look girl and very self-confident which was something I lacked at the time.

Things have certainly changed. I now find myself working for an elite London escorts service, and I can only thank my lucky stars. Not only am I doing well, but I have got my own flat, and love life. Do I see my family? No, I decided my family was not for me. I am not the only hard luck story at our London escorts service. Many of the girls have been in the same boat as me, and we have kind of formed our own little family. I
support a lot of charities who help the homeless. Having had personal experience I feel passionate about helping people who are homeless and I know what they need. Young women who live on the streets are very vulnerable, and I often stop to
chat to some of the girls I see on the streets. There is help out there, but you can also help yourself as I did,